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Hajabdollah Cotton Candy

Drawing upon over 60 years of experience, Etminan Azargol Ice Cream Company. is the oldest & best-known cotton candy manufacturer in Iran. Producing a variety of over 50 wrapping types, the whole complex stretches over an area of 6 hectares, with the premises located on an infrastructure of over 30,000 square meters inside Salimi industrial zone.

For years, Etminan Azargol Co. as a well-liked & well-known manufacturing member of the country’s food industry, has supplied you with a product under the commercial title, Hajabdollah cotton candy, to keep you company in the happiest moments of yours.

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کیلومتر 35 جاده تبریز-آذرشهر، شهرک صنعتی شهید سلیمی، خیابان20 متری دهم، شرکت بستنی اطمینان

سامانه پیامکی: 1000008222

فروشگاه آنلاین شرکت حاج عبداله

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