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Drawing upon over 60 years of experience, Etminan Azargol Ice Cream Company. is the oldest & best-known cotton candy manufacturer in Iran. Producing a variety of over 50 wrapping types, the whole complex stretches over an area of 6 hectares, with the premises located on an infrastructure of over 30,000 square meters inside Salimi industrial zone.

For years, Etminan Azargol Co. as a well-liked & well-known manufacturing member of the country’s food industry, has supplied you with a product under the commercial title, Hajabdollah cotton candy, to keep you company in the happiest moments of yours.

Hajabdollah Cotton Candy Co. hand in hand with the national standard office, codified cotton candy standards in Iran for the first time. Aiming at new products & leaning on the knowledge offered by its engineering board, R&D experts, specialized laboratories, being profited by equipment made by Europe’s most pushing-edge technology, and also making use of raw material of the highest quality, the company is able to deliver products which are fit to rival products of any other brands both in local & foreign markets, which has rendered possible the obtaining of international standard-product certificates such as FDA, EAC, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and Halal certificate.

These accomplishments have been reason enough for the company to have been named as the top-quality industrial unit of East Azerbaijan Province, which is yet another token of confidence that the path taken by the company to raise the quality level on its products is the right track.

Now that after 20 years of diligence & round-the-clock studies, our company has managed to convert cotton candy production from conventional to industrial, this dear old product has upheld & defended its unique position in the Iranian candy and chocolate hierarchy.

As the first & foremost manufacturer of morsel-made cotton candy, chocolate cotton candy, sugar-free cotton candy, filled cotton candy, trance-free cotton candy, and probiotic cotton candy, Hajabdollah Cotton Candy Co. has constantly honored innovation & originality as its ultimate purpose. Thus, product variety, nutritional safety, stylish wrappings, and a deep knowledge of consumer taste & preference have all contributed to position the company as the top-ranking & most renowned cc producer in the business of confectionary production in the country.

The company has allotted adequate investment on creating a distribution network by setting up branches in all provinces all over the country. And of course, supported by professional management, development, commerce, and simultaneous increase of production, quality & product variety, it has managed to expand its exportation to 30 countries round the globe, which is made evident by the company having attained the title of the 9th best exporter of East Azerbaijan in the past decade.

Transportation & distribution systems of Etminan Azargol Co. comprises a vast network of super heavy-duty, heavy-duty, and small-sized vehicles, all-prepared to transport all sorts of products.

Deploying seasoned & veteran transportation workers as complementary to the sales department, the complex is incessantly under operation with the objective of delivering swifter & superior services.

The company has invariably endeavored to better satisfy its customers, particularly so by establishing the customer service center & attending to both their suggestions & complaints, in cooperation with the distribution offices.

Today, having established Hajabdollah Cotton Candy Co. products online store, the company is able to respond to its excellence-desiring customers round the clock. Furthermore, the company is now, with its widely-expanded network of distribution, capable of delivering ANY order anywhere in the country, and in the marginal regions of Russia & the Persian Gulf.